Individual Sessions

Doreen uses guided imagery, hypnotherapy and counseling tools to help clients effect  meaningful changes in their lives. Doreen and her clients work together as a team to achieve the goal of resolving the client’s specific needs.


Doreen believes that within our body there is a physiological intelligence that keeps us in balance as we face various challenges from both our inner and outer environments. Both physical and emotional challenges can be seen as signals for attention.


These signals may surface in the form of stress related issues, chronic illness, or emotional distress. This may allow us to examine how we are taking care of ourselves, where we are going in life and help us determine whether we are living our values. It is through paying attention to these signals we have an opportunity to increase our awareness and choose to make positive change.


Guided imagery and hypnotherapy is a language the mind can understand and is a vital link for the reduction of stress,  establishing healthy choices, and restoring balance.  Through brief counseling, Doreen will help you identify health and emotional challenges and explore your own internal and external resources.


Doreen helps you create sustainable and measurable results by accessing your powerful Mind/Body resources for healing, recovery, learning, creativity and personal growth.






Consider some of the many reasons to use wellness counseling and hypnotherapy:
  • Decrease stress and anxiety

  • Manage chronic pain, hypertension or insomnia

  • Prepare for surgery

  • Reduce emotional distress or traumatic effects

  • Increase personal management skills

  • Build confidence for examinations, interviews, or transitions

  • Cessation of habitual patterns

  • Increase internal peace and balance